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Pinecrest School Purpose

The mission of the Sylacauga City Schools, in partnership with families and the community, is to prepare graduates who are ready for college, career, and community success.

Belief Statements

In order to accomplish our mission, the Sylacuaga City School System is committed to these beliefs:

  • High expectations are necessary to achieve goals and expand opportunities for all.
  • Education is responsibiltiy shared by families, schools and the community.
  • Safe, innovative, student-centered schools optimize student success.
  • Exemplary teachers, leaders, and staff who are well resourced and supported are essential for effective schools.
  • Rigorous, relevant curriculum and diversified instruction maximize student achivement.
  • Effective schools operate with equity, accountability, and fiscal responsibility.
  • Effective schools inspire trust, invite collaboration, and are valuable assests to our community

Pinecrest MOTTO

"EXCELLENCE" is our goal

CCC Logo

The CCC logo reflects the vision of Sylacauga City Schools that every graduate is prepared for college, career, and community success.  Our high school Graphic Design students created the logo.  Education is focused nationally on College Career Readiness, and Sylacauga added the third C to represent our commitment to a strong community, wherever our graduates may choose to live.  We work K-12 to make sure our students understand the importance of preparation for the future.