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                                      "Approaches to Excellence"

  APEX services intellectually/creatively gifted students at Pinecrest in
grades 3-5.   This is accomplished through a resource pull-out program.  We
provide the students with opportunities that may not always be available in
the regular classroom.  This may be done through the following type of
activities:  units of study, independent research, creative writing,
research skills, critical thinking, problem solving, art, career focus,
character education, guest speakers, in-state and out-of-state field trips
and more.

  We are very proud of our program and all the students participating.  We
are constantly striving to build and grow our program every year. Parent
participation is of the upmost importance to the success of the program.  We
encourage our parents to be very involved in the whole educational process
of their student.

Gifted Specialists: Mrs. Lunsford